Lumber & Supply began in Wilmington, NC in 2016 from a hitch at a nearby North Carolina-based sawmill. Factory seconds or culls are a byproduct produced when making higher grade items such as flooring, shiplap, and tongue and grove. These seconds were piling up at the mill and there were really no buyers for the culls. 

Carter Derrick and Rob Moore, who are were both in the lumber wholesale business, began selling these factory seconds in our flagship warehouse located in Wilmington, NC. Rob and Carter understood the value of this material. The character knots that are considered imperfections are the focal point for a different kind of customer with a natural interior design goal. That was it, they were right, and off to the races.

Now, six years later, Lumber & Supply locations are scattered throughout the Southeast in six different states, boasting 13 locations (and growing!). Continuing to offer valuable materials and outstanding customer service to all projects big and small. Store managers and staff are also local to the community, offering support to other small businesses and organizations.

Where it's from

Go Local

If a tree falls in a North Carolina or South Carolina forest, there’s a chance it will eventually make a sound in one of our Lumber & Supply warehouses. For the most part, everything that we carry — 90% of it — is grown, made and manufactured in America and for the most part in North and South Carolina.

No Monkeys in the Middle

The majority of our product comes from our sister company — a mill in Climax, NC — so we can offer you the best prices by cutting out the middle man.

What we offer

Our bread and butter

We specialize in yellow pine tongue & groove, shiplap and flooring — or what builders call pattern stock — for your walls, ceilings and floors. We offer different grades — factory seconds, cabin grade, graded number 2, and some select grades such as D and better and C and better. In addition to tongue and groove and shiplap, it’s common for us to have T1-11, bevelled siding, heart pine flooring, railroad ties and fence pickets. We also offer select specialty products from partners like Garden State Lumber, The Real Milk Paint Co. and Waterlox. We keep a large amount of most product on hand so whenever you’re ready to do your job you can come to us and get what you need.

Run-of-the-mill, not so much

You might be able to build a big box out of our lumber but we’re not one. We’re a mom n’ pop and while we have Lumber & Supply stores in six states with 13 locations and continue to grow, we can promise you that the mom n’ pop feel of Lumber & Supply is something that will never change no matter how we grow. 

Ever have that moment at a big box store where it takes ten minutes just to find someone to make eye contact with you only to have the sales associate tell you what you’re looking for isn’t in their department? That won’t happen here. When you pull in we’ll meet you at the door. If you haven’t been to the warehouse before, we’ll take you on a tour, get to know you and your goals, show you what we’ve got and maybe even tell you a few jokes along the way. We’re here to see you smile. Nobody is going to tell you ’no.’ We’re going to go the extra mile. When you come into a warehouse, our goal is for you not to lift a finger the entire time you’re with us. We’ll answer your questions, help you calculate your square footage, assist you in making decisions on the best product for your project, help you load up and, as Tennessee Lumber & Supply manager Dustin Hayes says, “hook you up.” 

Hello, Yellow

Most of what you’ll see when you give us a visit is made of Southern Yellow Pine. Native to North and South Carolina, this species of pine grows rapidly in forests and tree farms in our area. For every tree cut down, more are planted in its place. This means our products are renewable resources and they don’t have to travel far to get to you or use much fuel. Economical and sustainable — now that’s what we like to call cull (another name for factory seconds). 

Knot your average Lumber

Economic Value

We’re tree people and that’s why we started this business. Behind every lumber mill, there are mountains of imperfect pieces. Something as simple as a knot or a small split may be all it takes to consider a board waste to big box suppliers. We see knots in the same way a cosmologist might see a beauty mark. It’s character! And, because these boards aren’t deemed perfect, that means you get unique lumber at a fraction of the cost. We call that a win-win!

Chipping away


Almost everything we offer is sustainable lumber. We’re taking what the mill wants to throw away. If it wasn’t for this secondary market, a lot of this wood would end up in chippers and in the trash when it’s perfectly usable lumber with just a little bit of extra character.

Family Affair

Our Customers

If it wasn’t for you, we wouldn’t be here. Who are you? You are contractors. You are builders. You are Airbnb owners. You are families. You are kids who have everything in the world they need but a treehouse. If you want two boards or two hundred boards, five square feet or five hundred square feet, it doesn’t matter. We want to see you succeed at whatever you do. And, please do send us photos of the final product or stop back by with photos if you can. Seeing what you do with what you got from us makes what we do worthwhile. Our team is a family and you’re a part of that too.

Send Rover on over

If you’re spiffing up the house for your wife (or if she’s doing that for you), bring the fam! We’d love to meet you all. In fact, while you’re at it, pack up the dog. His (or her) opinion matters too!

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