Tongue & Groove

Tongue and Groove boards soundly fit together to cover plaster, sheetrock and popcorn ceilings while adding a decorative accent. In contrast to Shiplap, where the boards rest on top of one another over-lapping, tongue and groove planks join together and interlock. This style creates a seamless seal sure to withstand the test of time.

Tongue & Groove we carry

Most of our lumber comes from forests in North and South Carolina. Southern Yellow Pine is the most common wood you'll find in our locations but most locations also stock Cypress, Spruce and Eastern White Pine.


Tongue and Groove is a type of pattern stock that comes in a variety of designs. A few common patterns we offer are:

  • Edge-V with Flat Back

    Southern Yellow Pine
    Width of 1x4 (3.25" coverage)
    Lengths of 6 - 16 feet

  • Edge & Center-V with Edge-V Back

    Southern Yellow Pine & Cypress
    Width of 1x6 (5.25" coverage)
    Lengths of 6 - 16 feet

  • Edge & Center Bead with Edge-V Back

    Southern Yellow Pine
    Width of 1x8 (6.75" coverage)
    Lengths of 6 - 16 feet

Tongue & Groove Installations

At the end of the day, our greatest reward is seeing our customers' final products. If you're new to using shiplap or just searching for a little inspiration, scroll through the gallery below to take a look at some of our lumber installed.

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We strive to consistently offer you a quality product with the most economical and competitive prices on the market today. Customer satisfaction is our number one priority and we fully embrace the idea that without you we wouldn't be here. Our in house stock varies week to week and sometimes day to day, location to location as we move as much lumber as fast a possible. With that in mind please call one of our thirteen locations to see what we currently have in stock.