Smells like Team Spirits! While we are no where near our end of days with 13 locations in six states (and more to come), we are lucky to call End of Days Distillery a neighbor to our flagship location in Wilmington, NC. When they got their start a few years ago, they decided on a name that celebrates hard work and hustle while paying homage to the 1440 seconds lived in each day. Since we are all about the hustle too but pride ourselves equally in spending quality time with our friends, family (and dogs!), we’re all about ending our days right. As craftsmen ourselves, a round of craft cocktails just hits the spot after a long days work especially when we get to make a toast to a job well done with our lumber. We provided contractor, LS Smith, Inc, all of the shiplap it took to turn this old machine shop into a one-of-a-kind facility where End of Days — located in The Cargo District — distills and entertains thousands each year.

As pure white as these walls look, you would never have known Southern Yellow Pine Cull Shiplap was used on the project. If you're not in the know, cull is a term used to describe those imperfect boards deemed factory seconds due to something as simple as a knot. We like to call them boards with character. And, some of our clients actually prefer cull because it's sustainable and tends to remind folks where our walls came from - the trees.

The white walls you see at End of Days are pristine despite the knotty grade because Matt Newell took the time to paint + prime several times. 

The black wall in these photos is also our shiplap that Shane burned using the Japanese burning technique of Shou Sugi Ban. 

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